[WIP] Ponn's DT Spark Ranger [HC]

Hello Everyone, working on a Dual Totem Spark Ranger for a few days now..

This is heavily a Teamplay Build. You can solo, but I'd say to change Spark out with Ice Spear (mana restrictive) for solo play. (Reason why my Moonsorrow is leveling a Ice Spear gem.

Currently 64. IGN: TheSporkingHeckIsThis (Hardcore)

Someone told me Kripp was talking about it (I don't watch streams personally, I like playing POE too much and only have one monitor), and I got asked by a few people to share my build so.. Here goes.

(Sorry for any readability issues, this is my first time writing a guide this "in-depth" ..[Haha this.. In-Depth, Right.. Invalesco is laughing so hard right now!])

Current Gear:

(My other stuff is just random stuff that I could scrounge up for more health / resists. (Still not capped in Merci QQ)

Oh.. and YEP, thats a Moonsorrow, its actually quite a good wand for Spark (or arc) builds (imo) Its cheap compared to rare wands for what it gives you. (I generally hear Moonsorrow? That wand sucks!)

Skills Used:
Fire Trap 2x
Bear Trap
Raise Spectre
Decoy Totem (Dual Decoys in teamplay is very handy for bosses)
Summon Skeletons (Optional - I like to self cast this sometimes, tactically placed skeletons can save a teammate.. or yourself.)

Grace (my gear is not permitting me to run anymore)

Elemental Weakness - I prefer this over Conductivity because in the course of leveling this build, you will be partying alot.
Temporal Chains - Can't say enough how much time this has saved against regen and haste mobs..
Warlord's Mark (Optional, teamplay curse)

Support Gems:
Spell Totem (Agiven)
Faster Casting (can be replaced with what you prefer)
Item Quantity
Life Leech (This or IQ, Solo tends to lean towards LL to keep totems alive longer)

At 64:

The build is fairly Linear, with a little respecing needed.

The greatest perk of starting ranger on any build is getting early Iron Reflexes. It gives you insane ability to take hits even with very mediocre gear.

20 Skill Points:

Mana Gain on Killing Blow can be switched out easily for HP nodes if your gear permits. I took these and will be respecing out of them later when I get closer to Ancestral Bond.

30 Skill Points:

Well on the way to Ancestral Bond, with a decent amount of HP. Damage may start lacking at this point with spark, because compared to Shadow or Templar you don't have early access to damage nodes.

41 Skill Points:

Heres where you need those respec points (to remove mana on killing blow) and where you get your fancy schmancy Dual Totems.

60 Skill Points:

OMG!~ Damage Nodes.. YAY!

80 Skill Points (Two More than current, havent done busts/piety yet):

85 Skill Points (The Oh so Important Static Blows):

After this point, I haven't really decided (I may not even make it here anyway). You can go one of three paths (IMO). Head towards Mara for more HP, Go to Dual Curses, or for Eldritch Battery.

Now I'm not sure this is the most optimized build.. (Nor am I the best guide writer) I'm not experienced in PoE like the popular streamers or other guide writers. In posting this my arms (and ears) are open to advice and critique on how to make this build better. Before this, I tried a ranger wander with the same template, that ended up getting one shot in sewers by a crit discharge (QQ.) So I figured, back to the drawing board.

Edit: fixing spelling mistakes (I hope most of them)
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Ranger isn't suited for elemental spell builds, imo. But you can utilize Ethereal knives - they are buffed with projectile damage. So, pick ranger's projectiles, duelist's, shadow's, go in mid for HP and even more projectiles... Not that bad in theory.
Gremlion wrote:
Ranger isn't suited for elemental spell builds, imo. But you can utilize Ethereal knives - they are buffed with projectile damage. So, pick ranger's projectiles, duelist's, shadow's, go in mid for HP and even more projectiles... Not that bad in theory.

I've actually done EK as well, but also skipped the proj nodes there too, as you have to end up wasting points to get there..

Its not that Ranger isn't suited imo, I did it because of the ability to take alot of hits due to Iron Reflexes very early with minimal amounts of gear.

Edit: Not saying its the best way to go, but I see it as more newbie friendly than a shadow or templar as you have much more leeway when that stray arrow hits you in the butt.
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ni hao rilly good bwuild
IGN: @GoodguyBlaze
Well, I hit 67, got Static Blows, and now I have no problems soloing docks. Its quite interesting how two skill points can make such a huge difference, kill speed is so amazing now.

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