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Best Gems for Burned MIscreation?

Hi :)
I've come to like the Burned Miscreations, their Dmg is enourmous :)

But i'm still wondering what would be the best Gems for them.
Survivability is a big point, cuz they still are at Meelee Range.
And ofc more Dmg. :)
Best with Increased Minion Life
So, does Life Leech work on them?

What would you say is the best 5 Link Gem Combination for BM's?

If Life Leech istn working on their Aura, its still working on their Hits, so Maybe:

1.Raise Spectre
2. Life Leech
3. Multistrike
4. Minion Life
5. Minion Res
6. ????

But i dont know how Hard they hit ^^
Last edited by Gizru on November 20, 2013 10:25 AM
-> spectre section
Raise Spectre
Minion Life
Minion Res
Increased AOE
Increased Burn dmg

6th is redundant
If your using aura buffed purity, minion res is probably redundant as well. Monsters do have base resists (its not just zero or 75% for resistant mobs).
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There is speculation about a new degen support gem. So lets wait till the next patch =D.
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Gizru when u summon BM also use Chober Chaber (2h mace) and Sidhebreath(amulet) so your minions can get 55% more life (ofc if u got max life role on them).
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